Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Putting the "work" into your workout!

"If you have an hour, will you not improve that hour, instead of idling it away?"
~Lord Chesterfield

Hey everyone, sooooooooo... how are those new year's resolutions about losing weight or getting in better shape going? I hope most of you are saying in your heads that it's going great and that it is true and you're not trying to convince yourself that it is.

Are you being strict with your diet or just cruising along? Are you giving it you all every workout? Well, I'm here to give you a little reality check. You have to bust it every time in the gym or at home when you work out. No cruising allowed! There is a reason the word "work" is in workout. It's supposed to be hard!! That is if you want results. You do want results, don't you? I sure hope you're not just going through the motions and wasting your time. If you're putting in the time, then put in the work!

Put in the work means that you should be pushing yourself EVERY workout. If that means you can only manage one extra rep but you're giving it 100% then so be it but the point is to challenge yourself. If you can do two extra reps, do it. Don't go into your workout to just put in the time and say you worked out. Go in there and get something more from it. Learn your limits even as you set new ones each workout. The body is very adaptable and if you don't continuously push it, it is very content with that and the results will stop. Even though you may not see instant results from that one extra rep or that extra set or that extra MPH on the treadmill, trust that you are making progress towards a stronger, fitter you and that's what it's all for, isn't it?

Make every rep work for you, feel the muscle work as you do the exercise. Make every set work for you, feel the last 3-4 reps of every set - make sure those reps aren't easy. Make every exercise work for you, if you're not feeling it doing anything anymore or it's too easy - replace it with a harder exercise. The point is to WORK WORK WORK.

Push your body continuosly and you will see results with the body, fitness and health you always wanted. Now get to WORK! ;)