Monday, March 1, 2010

You are never too old or out of shape to exercise!

"As long as a man stands in his own way, everything seems to be in his way."
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Think you are too old to exercise? You're wrong! Think you're too out of shape to exercise? You're dead wrong and that's exactly what you're doing to yourself. Leading yourself to an early grave. These roadblocks you are putting before yourself are only mental, you can never be too old or out of shape to try to improve your health. In fact, you owe it to yourself, your spouse, children, grandchildren, friends, etc.

I've trained people of all ages, from obese children to senior citizens, including seniors with health problems and through proper exercise and changes in diet, I've seen some dramatic improvements in my clients weight, fitness and health.

Is it hard to get started the older you are? It sure is but it's like anything else. It's about getting into a routine and being determined to make yourself happy and satisfied with your health and weight.

Is it harder to lose weight the older you are? It is because your metabolism begins slowing down at 30 and progressively slows down over the years, even more so if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. BUT you can get that metabolism working again in your favor through exercise! It can be done, I've seen it done firsthand through my clients. It's up to you to take that first step though. Stop saying you will do it only to continually keep putting it off and get to doing it. You owe it to yourself! You've put others before you throughout the years, now it's the time to put yourself and your health first. You can do it. Just take that first step.