Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The perfect holiday gift

"Your real influence is measured by your treatment of yourself."
~ A. Bronson Alcott

It's that time of the year! Shopping, cooking, hosting, visiting relatives... busy, busy, busy! Sometimes it feels as if there's not enough time! Shopping for that perfect gift for someone special can sometimes be so time-consuming and draining that it sometimes feels more like a chore than the fun it should be. Well, let me tell you - I have the perfect gift for not only that special someone but also for yourself!

For that special someone that you feel needs it, give the gift of motivation. Be their support system in the coming year. Be the one who helps to motivate them into getting themselves into better shape. You are not only giving the gift of friendship but also the gift of better health. You may not be able to wrap it up with a bow and place it under the tree and you may even get a weird look from the recipient but with your motivation and support towards goals that help them look and feel better, they'll wind up being more appreciative of your gift than practically anything you could've bought them.

For that even more special someone (that's YOU by the way!), you can give yourself the perfect gift of educating yourself more on what you need to better your health and life. Learn some lo-carb recipes. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Eat more protein. Take vitamins. Try different workouts - Yoga, kickboxing, weightlifting, etc. Subscribe to health/fitness magazines - there are plenty of good ones out there and many cater specifically to just women or just men. Be the example that everyone sees and tries to learn from. Use that to motivate them and educate them on what you did, etc. There's so much you can do right now to give yourself a gift. The really really really coooooool (yes, it's that cool. Wait for it...) thing is that you can give yourself this gift everyday. Isn't that the most wonderful thing you could do for yourself?